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PAGE THREE – JULY 22 - 28, 2013
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1976 Apple 1 Computer Sells at Auction for $387,750
To someone who obviously knows nothing about computers.
House Passes Farm Bill Without
Funds for Food Stamps

Why should the government give hungry Americans food when it can give the money directly to farmers and cut out the middleman.
Honda Recalls 48,000 Cars for
Defect That Can Cause Driver
To Lose Control of Vehicle

Suggests owners have stunt drivers bring the cars in to dealership.
Death Valley Park Rangers Implore Visitors Not to Fry Eggs on Pavement
After numerous complaints from Denny's, IHOP
Survey: 35% of Hotel Guests Steal Robes, Bedding, Lamps
Then start their own hotels.
Here are some shows to look out for as the broadcast and cable networks, along with various online purveyors, roll out their new offerings.
“Celebrity Cinnamon Challenge” (Fox): Not as easy as it looks. The competitors include: La Toya Jackson, George Takei, Amanda Bynes, Charles Barkley and Mika Brzezinski.
“Show Swap” (ABC/NBC): Casts of “Modern Family” and “Community” switch roles and perform each others' scripts. Details were still being ironed out by the various talent guilds as we went to press.
“Three is Enough” (CBS): Cheech Marin stars as an eccentric loner living in a ramshackle house in Cleveland with three women who never seem to leave the basement. Based on the British series, “Left for Dead.”
“Secret Court” (C-SPAN): C-SPAN's first venture into daily series, this one takes us behind the scenes at the clandestine court established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It too is based on a British series, “Rubber Stamp.”
“Celebrity Cinnamon Challenge” (BitTorrent): Or “Fast and Furious 6”, or “Despicable Me 2” or any other movie or TV show or concert for that matter, rendering Fall previews unnecessary and completely out of touch.
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