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PAGE THREE – MAY 3 - 9, 2010
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Scotland: New Documents Point to Existence of Loch Ness Monster
Finding could release deluge of quasi-documentaries on basic cable.
Boy Scouts Now Offer Video
Game Merit Awards

For helping virtual old ladies across street in Grand Theft Auto.
China Starts Enforcing
Ban on Lip-Synching

Karaoke still considered a misdemeanor.
Warren Buffett Invests in New League
World's third wealthiest man bets upstart Oversized Table Tennis League catches on with public.
Last week, commenting on the recent far right tilt of the Republican Party, we stated "Christ is no longer a Republican," when we meant to say "Crist is no longer a Republican." We regret the error.
Which of the following questions is not on the latest “Congressional District Survey” from RNC Chairman Michael Steele?
A ) Do you support giving captured foreign terrorists full judicial privileges and rights that are granted U.S. citizens?
B ) Do you support the Democrats’ efforts to create a massive new federal government bureaucracy that would be run by unionized government employees and would have complete control of your healthcare costs and choices?
C ) Do you believe that American business and industry will be able to compete in the world economy if the Obama Administration bends to pressure from radical environmentalists and implements draconian regulations on emissions, energy consumption and transportation beyond what is required in other industrialized countries?.
D ) Do you agree that Obama and Democrats in Congress seem more concerned about passing their liberal pet-programs than creating jobs and getting the economy growing?
E ) Do you think anybody is actually going to fill out and return this survey?
Hint: nobody has ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

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