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PAGE THREE – MAY 28 - JUNE 3, 2007
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Democrats Express Sympathy for McCain's Anger Management Problems
Must constantly deal with other Republicans.
Survey: Men in Their 30's Doing Worse Financially Than Their Fathers
But vastly superior at video games.
China Readies Beijing for '08 Olympics
Cleaning streets, planting flowers, jailing dissidents.
Bobby Cox Closing In on Being Thrown Out of Record 131 Games
Critics argue most of his ejections came during steroids era.
Rothko Sold for Record $73 Million
New owner plans to improve it, sell it for more.
Vocabulary Builders

compromise v. to find a reasonable midway point between your needs and those of another person.

compromised adj. not trustworthy due to too many compromises, as in, “Hillary Clinton is thoroughly ~.”
Bush's choice for Surgeon General:
A ) has an unblemished, outstanding record as a doctor and hospital administrator.
B ) was selected as Physician of the Year by the Medical Society of Mars.
C ) has admitted his poor supervision as chief medical director at a VA hospital caused the deaths of six patients in one year, is appealing a court finding that his charity foundation embezzled money from a church, has a record of homophobia and is a heavy contributor to Republican politicians.
Hint: no medical society on another planet has recognized him, and his record is not unblemished.

Free trade deals making their way through the House and Senate have been endorsed by:
A ) labor and environmental groups crucial to electing the new Democratic majority.
B )unionized workers in flying saucers orbiting the Earth.
C ) the Business Roundtable, the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Hint: it's one thing to make a campaign speech, another thing to actually vote against large corporations.

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