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PAGE THREE – MAY 31 - JUNE 6, 2004
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Japanese Academy Awards Honor Movie Legend
Godzilla (seen here arriving) presented lifetime achievement award to Mothra.
Weekly World News Apologizes
To its Readers
Admits many of its stories were based on information provided by Ahmad Chalabi.
U.S. Olympic Team Could Be Weakened by Steroid Scandal
May have to “threaten athletes with torture” to produce their best performances, says one coach.
Mandela Considers Return To Boxing
Quit sixty years ago, but sees “no one out there” he can't beat.
Senior Prescription Drug Benefit Cards Explained in Clear, Simple Language
Effective June 1, the new cards start saving you money! All you have to do is determine which of the 73 different cards is right for you, depending on whether your income is below $1,500 a month (or $1,400 for couples), and you qualify for the $600 annual credit, if you're a member of an HMO or are getting your card through an insurance company, drug company, or other provider, and whether the card you're considering works in your state (some only work in certain states) and works in your pharmacy (others work only in certain pharmacies) and which drugs are covered by your card (discounts vary and can change without notice, as do the drugs they cover, which can also change without notice). After you've figured all that out, check again to make sure none of the variables have changed while you were researching, and bingo - you've got it!

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