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PAGE THREE - APRIL 23 - 29, 2001
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Talk to Become First Paperless, Wireless Magazine
Editor Tina Brown says contents will be distributed "entirely via word-of-mouth."
Beijing's Bid to Host '08 Olympics
Gets Boost

Country suddenly has new, sophisticated surveillance equipment.
XFL Championship Game
Seen By Many

Their names: Arnie Peterson, Jim Finnegan, Mike Arloff, Frank Marbert.
Pat Robertson Says He Supports Abortion In China
Morally opposed to it everywhere else
Miss Israel Models Bulletproof Evening Gown
Kevlar swimwear available by summer.
A Conversation with...
Dick Cheney
Ironic Times: Why does the Administration want to cut solar and renewable energy programs in half?
Cheney: Econ101: to reduce the price of electricity, we need to increase the supply relative to the demand.
I/T: But wouldn't solar and renewable -
Cheney: Now if I'm at Halliburton, I'm not going to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge unless the price I'm getting is high.
I/T: And solar and renewable would bring the price down.
Cheney: Removing my incentive. So, by cutting those programs we're ensuring energy producers are motivated to produce energy, and the more energy produced, the lower the price. Even the president can understand that.

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